Q & A ?


How much are Kansas or Missouri License and Tags?

Kansas is a draw state there for you tags cost $500 and your Hunting license cost $97.50

Missouri Deer License & Tags $225

What do I need to bring for my hunt?

We suggest you bring your Gun and or Bow/Crossbow along with warm weather/Cold Weather Hunting clothes due to the tricky weather we have in both states. and yourself, all meals and lodging provided.

Can I Fly, and will you pick us up at Airport?

Yes, You can fly into Kansas City, Tulsa Oklahoma or Springfield Missouri we charge a $75 pick up fee for Tulsa, Kansas City, Springfield is free.

What happens if I wound a deer?

If you draw blood on any hunt that is your deer, your hunt for a buck is over! We will exhaust all efforts to find your Deer. You may continue to Hunt Does.

Can my Wife or Child come with me?

Yes, They may tag along as a non-hunter for additional fee of $350 per. this feeds and lodges them.